Bartenders International School of Bartending®

“The graduates of the Bartenders International School of Bartending® are the most popular in the business

The area of bartending is constantly evolving and the requirements for professionals ever more demanding. Our approach is to combine theoretical education with practical training and brings out the best in new bartenders and barmaids or helps those who are already in the industry to evolve further. In Bartenders International School of Bartending® we do not simply teach how to ‘mix’ a cocktail but we rather share our philosophy and our passion for the art of mixology.

After the course our graduates will be able to operate and serve to the highest industry standards with the know-how to create and present internationally famous cocktails. They will also have the skills to create new cocktails or evolve existing ones. By the end of the training course each student receives certification and the Bartenders’ manual.

 Students must be 18 years or older to participate in the course.

Training Standards

“We have been trained to be able to train professionals to the highest industry standards”

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The Bartenders International School of Bartending® is managed by Bartenders’ founder Achilleas Karaoulanis who is an accredited I.B.A. trainer (International Bartenders Association trainer). He has been training since 2003, when he established the Bartenders International School of Bartending®. The school offers a unique learning environment with bar stations, professionally equipped bars and a dedicated team of experienced instructors. Bartenders International School of Bartending® prepares you for bartending jobs all over the world. Those who complete the course receive certification from the Bartenders International School of Bartending®.


Course Contents

Students of Bartenders International School of Bartending®

The complete bartending course has been designed following the standards of the bartending schools of New York customized to the Greek environment. Our starting point is bar terminology and the course evolves to a complete 360ο approach which combines theory with practice. Classes include the following main areas:

A. Basic principles – Bartending & Mixology

The basic principles of bartending & mixology, its evolution, methodologies, tools, techniques, customer service, classic and new cocktail recipes.

  • History – Definition and understanding of cocktails
  • Structure & categories of cocktails
  • Materials for the preparation of a cocktail
  • Mixing techniques
  • Preparation methods
  • Bar tools & tips
  • Alcoholic beverages: tastings, information about the fermentation and distillation processes for beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, such as vodka, gin, whiskey, cognac, rum, agave distillates and liqueurs
  • Ways of preparation for the internationally most popular cocktails (Daiquiri – Mojito – Colada – Caipirinha – Martini family – Champagne cocktails) – practice involving bartenders & barmaids
  • New alternatives: healthy drinks / smoothies / tea cocktails, energy, low alcohol / flavored water

B. Bartending Service Principles

Includes the training a bartender has to go through in order to achieve high beverage sales while keeping cost to a minimum.

  • Sales techniques and tips
  • Safety & Hygiene
  • Alcohol consumption awareness /Responsible Alcohol Service
  • Free pouring and speed pouring
  • Service Efficiency
  • Cocktail service
  • Employee presentation and behavior
  • Customer service
  • Bar multitasking

C. Bar Set Up

  • Creation of cocktail list/bar menu suitable for every bar/ restaurant/ hotel/ market and brand identity
  • Bar functionality
  • Premium bar equipment and tools to increase productivity
  • Bar manual: recipes menu, ingredients, bar equipment, operation, bartender job description
  • Bartenders kit: identification of equipment for making cocktails including mechanical equipment such as lemon pressers, blenders, mixers

Staff group training course

Bartenders International School of Bartending provides training and specialization courses for groups of bar, restaurant and hotel staff. Training classes include small groups to facilitate the learning process. Let us know your requirements and the number of trainees from your group and we will identify their training needs and propose you a discounted group training fee.